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Wifi Touch Switch: Simplified Installation for A More Comfortable Life

wifi touch switch

With the simplified installation mechanisms, it is now much easier to automate the home and use Wifi touch switch.

One of the main drawbacks associated with traditional home switch installations is the complex installation they require. Luckily, today there are alternatives that use easy-to-install mechanisms that allow us to enjoy a smart home without the need to carry out major works and modifications to our home.

Problems with the home automation installation of the control system

Home automation and each of the devices associated with a smart home make our lives easier. However, in order to enjoy a home with automation, it is necessary to carry out a series of installations and updates in the different systems that you want to automate (blinds, lights, etc.).

These types of installations have some associated problems:

Need to carry out works: In many cases, it is necessary to undertake works that allow the home to be adapted to the switches that are to be installed. In addition, the wiring that is usually associated with it is high, which implies opening the wall for the installation of the cables that connect the different home automation devices.

  • High economic cost: It is necessary to carry out works for the installation implies that the price rises considerably.
  • Affects the comfort of the residents: Although the facility makes life easier for the tenants once it is finished, during the work it is a significant setback in their daily lives.

These problems have made touch light switch systems evolve towards simpler and easier to install concepts that, in fact, currently represent the most advisable option when it comes to touch light switch installation.

Simplified installation mechanisms: the alternative to the traditional light switch

Simplified installation mechanisms are those that allow home automation without the need to install complex wiring systems. How? By using connective devices. In other words, through solutions that connect to the Wi-Fi of the home and communicate with the rest of the connected devices without the need for a wiring network that connects all the devices to these connective devices, it is only necessary to supply them with electricity.

Livolo Wifi touch switch: Design for real life

The Livolo Wifi touch switch is specially designed taking into account the problems posed by traditional home automation installations. All Livolo wifi touch switches solutions are connective and scalable. Namely, they connect directly to the home’s Wi-Fi and manage information and functions without the need for wiring.

On the other hand, as they are scalable, they can be installed progressively and without the need to automatize the entire home at the same time. In this way, different devices can be installed little by little, without the need to make a large initial investment. In fact, the Livolo switch solutions are designed to work both with and without the Hub. This allows us to control up to 10 connected devices without the need for a Hub and, based on more devices. Install a Hub that allows coordinating all the connected devices.

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