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What is the Hub and how does it work


The HUB is the brain of the Livolo Zigbee switches and the one that manages the functions and experiences, as well as the only one that connects to the Internet. Thanks to this, the entire system can physically function perfectly without the need for the Internet, since they use another type of technology to communicate with each other.

The Internet will only be necessary if we want to control our switches when we are away from home since there is no other way to connect to the Hub when we are away from the network created by it. However, the connection speed we need is not too high, so with any type of network, it will be possible to connect from anywhere in the world.

What is the Hub?

A Hub could be translated as a gateway, so we can define it as a device that is capable of connecting several devices to each other, that is, it concentrates all the connections in one place. In the case of the Hub, in addition to being the central connection axis, it is also where all the necessary configurations are stored.

The particularity of this Hub compared to other similar computing devices is that it uses a communications protocol created and optimized to be used in home automation and which has been called Z-Wave.

How does the Z-Wave connection protocol work?

Z-Wave is the technology used to communicate with Livolo Zigbee switches. It is a low-wave wireless communication protocol, in which the radio frequency ranges between 865 MHz-926 MHz, depending on the country.

This type of protocol uses Z-Wave devices to create a mesh network to communicate with each other, so the location of these devices is very important.

The way the HUB Pro uses to communicate with a specific device is to use those that are between one and the other, reaching up to 4 devices as transmitters. There is no need to worry about this data at all, since between one device and another there may be a distance of approximately 9 meters. This value may vary depending on the type of attenuation according to the material of the walls and the furniture in the house.

It should also be noted that battery-powered devices do not help transmit and do not count as a transmitting device.

Issues to consider when choosing the installation location for the Hub and Livolo Zigbee switches

What is a hub material?

After understanding what the hub is, now we must know the importance of the place where it is installed. This table allows us to deduce the importance of the location of the HUB and the Livolo Zigbee switches, taking into account the materials that surround them. To create a good device communication mesh and ensure proper operation, we must take into account the following points:

Switches should avoid being placed behind obstacles such as appliances so they don’t absorb the entire signal. If it passes, the recommendation is to put another switch on the same level so that it can communicate with the profile.

Check that the Zigbee switch furthest from the HUB has Zigbee switches in between and is not separated by external walls.

It is preferable to make a longer path passing through more switches and with materials that absorb little, than passing through a material that attenuates most of the signal and passes through fewer switches. In the case of a two-story house, it is recommended to try to pass the communication from one floor to another through stairs rather than directly from one floor to another.

What is a hub layout?

It is necessary to place the HUB in the most central area possible with respect to the installed Zigbee Switches. If you want to remotely control the switches, you have to make sure that the HUB has a good Wi-Fi signal. It must also be taken into account that there are no obstacles around the HUB with materials that imply a great attenuation of the signal.

Register the Zigbee switches closest to the HUB to the application before those that are further away. In this way, it is ensured that the switches will have a communication path with the HUB when registering them.

Ensure that the mobile that is registered with the switch is correctly receiving the home Wi-Fi and does not lose connection with HUB.

How does the Hub work with Livolo Zigbee Switches?

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