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What is a Dimmer and How Can Create Environments and Save Energy?

dimmer touch switch

What is a dimmer?

A dimmer is a light regulation system that is integrated into a mechanism, replacing the conventional switch that is normally used to turn lights on and off.

The advantages that it presents compared to a conventional switch system are very extensive since it allows saving energy while creating environments with lighting and adapting the levels to what is needed at all times. We are going to analyze in detail what a dimmer is and what it is used for.

Advantages of dimming lighting

Conventional lighting systems are based on the use of switches that allow an all-nothing switch, so the possibilities of adjusting the lighting to the required level at the moment are nil. We often wonder what a dimmer is and what its main use is: dimmers are a system for regulating lighting to the real needs of each room at any given time, which allows two fundamental advantages:

On the one hand, to generate comfort and create an environment that is appropriate to what is required at any given time, allowing the lighting in any environment (office, commercial, or home) to adapt to the real activity and at any given time.
Secondly, the most important operational advantage is the energy savings derived from light regulation, since by using light regulation we adapt the levels to the requirements of the moment and to the existence of natural lighting sources.

For example, in the case of your home, the atmosphere of the living-dining room will be very different using a dim light for dining, than a maximum level of lighting for reading activities. All with the functionality and simplicity of being able to regulate it from a simple device.

Video demonstration of a Livolo dimmer touch switch and Radio controlled dimmer switch

Regulation systems, dimmer types

There are many types of dimmers depending on the technology they use to regulate lighting, with the great advantage that they can be adapted for use with any dimming system, from conventional lighting systems to LED lighting, with the consequent additional energy savings and maximum lighting comfort.

Livolo solution for dimmers

Livolo has dimmer solutions in practically all the series, but the dimmer touch switch, remote dimmer switch, and Zigbee dimmer touch switch stand out mainly for their aesthetic finish, usability, and performance.

The ideal solution to regulate the lighting in your home: Livolo Dimmer touch switches

The Livolo Zigbee dimmer switches especially stand out as, in addition to all these advantages in terms of energy saving, it presents a unique solution in terms of usability and aesthetic integration, through the use of a touch key that facilitates its use.

The Zigbee dimmer switches for lighting level regulation are one of the key mechanisms that can be included in the Z-wave network to expand its functions. These Zigbee dimmer touch switches can also be controlled using the Livolo home mobile application that will allow you to save energy while configuring unique solutions by adapting the lighting to create sensations.

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