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What Are The Touch Switches?

Livolo touch light switches

On the market, it is possible to find a wide variety of switches. Each environment requires, in fact, to be defined by switches functional to everyday gestures, but pleasant and harmonious in terms of aesthetics and design. Touch switches ask, as the name suggests, to be touched to activate and perform the function for which they were programmed. These are technologically advanced systems, which demonstrate profound research for design and an admirable aesthetic definition.

How does the touch switch work?

The purpose of the touch switches is twofold. On the one hand, these systems aim to eliminate the classic switches with buttons, refine their aesthetics, and create control stations that are as thin in thickness as they are elegant in their material form. The beauty of a flat and clean plate in design goes hand in hand with function because switches made with this technology only ask to be touched to activate the function for which they were programmed.

The technology works thanks to a system of sensors, which are positioned inside the same switch. The sensors are activated at the moment of overflow and are particularly sensitive to movements. It is therefore sufficient to gently touch these fruits to turn on the light, activate a device, or generate any other previously programmed function.

Touch switches are often controlled by a control unit and are well suited to home automation, or the application of technologies that allow you to operate at home with remote computer commands.

Touch switches: the aesthetic features

The touch switches are sophisticated and strong in boasting an elegant design often inspired by minimal aesthetics. These are systems usually made of tempered glass or light ceramics, which have knurled or slightly raised portions. Just touch these sections to generate the programmed function and activate a specific function, all with light and quick gestures.

The solutions of infinity switches are proposed for the new generation and there are many brands that offer them on the market. An excellent example of touch switches can be found in the shop on our site, they are from Livolo. The quality must in fact be the highest in these elements because they are certainly functional systems but with a technologically delicate soul.

The goodness of the covers, the use of sturdy materials, and the possibility of associating an integrated LED lighting system for night vision are important features, they know how to make the touch switches functional at the highest levels as well as durable over time.

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