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Upgrade Your Hotel or Guest Room with Livolo Smart Innovations

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As the market for smart home devices expands, Livolo is continuing to develop new and innovative smart switches. The Livolo switch is well integrated and does not need to be touched directly.

The guidelines for COVID-19 allow business owners to take advantage of this option.

Livolo switches can be managed using Alexa, making them even more convenient. This commitment to innovation means that there are always new and exciting features.

Guests will love the new experience you’re creating for them by adding a touch of comfort and convenience.

These switches are a great way to make your hotel or guest room look unique and modern:

Livolo Zigbee Light Touch Switches

The Zigbee smart switch is a popular choice for those looking to upgrade their lighting system.  In addition to using existing wiring, it is quick and easy to install.

With the Livolo APP, you can set up a specified time for your lights to turn on and off each day. The software allows you to control your electrical appliances automatically.

Zigbee smart switches can make a big difference in your energy efficiency and overall comfort.

You can control any of our Zigbee Smart switches via Livolo APP, Google Assistance, or Alexa.

To use these devices, you will also need the ZigBee Gateway.

Wi-Fi Smart Switches-

Wi-Fi Touch lights let you control your lights without ever having to touch a light switch. You can turn on your lights wirelessly from your smart device.

This technology lets you control your smart device directly over Wi-Fi without the need for a gateway. Additionally, the Smart Life APP also lets you set a timer for the switch to turn on and off every day.

You can use the smart life app to control a light from different locations. This can be done by using 2, 3, or 4-way Wi-Fi connections.

The switch doesn’t need any wires to connect to other switches. It communicates with them through Wi-Fi signals.

Lastly, you can use devices like Alexa and Google Home to help you control the features of your guest’s room.

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