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Touch Switches: The Real Touch For The Home Of Future

touch switches

When renovating your home or simply installing or extending an electrical system, we are able to choose the appearance and functionality of some components.

The number and position of the electrical sockets, the type of switches, the presence of dimmers to adjust the intensity of the light, and finally the electric plates with which to define the rooms.

The varieties of light switches on the market are wide and choosing the one that is right for you, sometimes, proves difficult. Today, it is possible to opt for a solution that integrates technology and design: touch switches.

What are touch switches and how do they work?

The touch switches are devices designed to activate touch controls. Usually, the touch screen switches are built to manage multiple lamps through different touch buttons present in the same area.

Just a light touch, a light pressure, a simple “touch” like the one you do on the screen of a smartphone, to turn it on or off.

The innovative axial mechanism allows you always to have the devices aligned with each other. Not to mention the possibility of controlling the intensity and heat of the light spectrum.

Modernity and tradition come together to offer customers another level of design and functionality, a more extraordinary personality. The new touch switches are characterized by flexibility and ease of installation.

How is a touch switch made?

There is no doubt that technology has revolutionized our lives in recent years and today a touch switch is radically different from its predecessors.

The touch switch consists of modular blocks that allow the activation of different light points. There are basically the traditional control functions of the switch, and of the light, but the buttons remain hidden behind a small electric plate that is controlled in touch mode.

The use of touch plates is a new and different experience, which involves three senses, namely: sight, touch, and hearing. It is a very light push, something new from pressing a button. We can talk about a sort of “caress 2.0”.

Just let our skin come into contact with the touch plate and that’s it!

In a practical and above all silent way, it is possible to operate any type of function. From implementation to flashing, to dimming – adjusting the intensity of the light, up to programming. Pressing different parts of the touch screen will turn on the relevant user and the LED backlight, if present inside the device, will signal levels and switch on.

Touch switches for home: which one to choose

Of course, it is common practice to rely solely and exclusively on producers who have matured and consolidated experience. In fact, sometimes it can happen that a cheap product hides problems and dangers.

Making sure that the electrical equipment you buy has obtained the CE mark, for example, is the first step. This means that the parent company has made the components with professionalism and has subjected them to strict controls and expensive tests, guaranteeing the final consumer a high-quality performance.

An elegant example, with high design content, is represented by the Livolo Crystal series glass touch switches

Available in 4-color options, Snow White, Lava Black, Grey, and Gloden with in-line control or superimposed control, the Crystal glass touch switches integrate perfectly with all the elements of the Livolo

In the center of the touch plate, finished with an external chrome frame, the controls are signaled with a circular blue LED. The result is a simple switch, with an elegant and ultra-technological visual impact.

LED Dimmer Touch: what is it for and how does it work?

The dimmer is nothing more than an electronic light regulator, which is used to control the power absorbed by a load. Most of these luminaires work to calibrate the brightness of the lamps.

In general, light dimmers can be characterized by an electronic or mechanical mechanism.

There are numerous types of dimmers in circulation, from those used at home to regulate the intensity of light to those intended for light design and used especially in theaters and concert halls.

The LED dimmer or light dimmer is used as a normal switch, which however offers greater flexibility and control possibilities.

Using it, there are several advantages that can be obtained.

First of all, a very important aspect concerns the savings on the bill.

The ability to vary the intensity of the light – in the daytime by lowering it and raising it at night, according to your needs.

The dimmer then transforms the light into something seductive, changing the visual aspect and atmosphere of the environment – intimate, reserved, and well-lit.

The dimmer itself is a device that can be integrated into the power supply of the lamp itself. But there are also lamps on the market with an integrated dimmer, placed inside the lamp body itself.

In order to adjust the brightness, a mechanical wheel is used, or a knob or a slider, which allows the functions to be moved forward or backward.

A touch of the future at home with dimmer Touch switches

But as we anticipated, the technology doesn’t stop there. Because with the latest evolved and sophisticated lamps, touch systems have been integrated.

In practice, just touch or move your finger on a special conductive surface, in order to then adjust the intensity of the light. In this case, a simple electronic circuit manages everything without integrated knobs, small wheels, or sliders.

The user experience revolves around the touch switch display.

In short, adjusting the brightness is not insignificant convenience. In addition to providing significant energy savings, it allows the life of the LEDs to be extended.

Small suggestions: if you want to create a suggestive atmosphere, perhaps for a special occasion, then it is good to make a minimum adjustment; while, to perform house cleaning, the dimmer in question can be adjusted to your liking, obtaining the maximum light intensity, to find even the smallest grain of dust.

You just have to find the line that best suits your home and you will see that you will be very satisfied with the final result.

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