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Switches and Sockets Essential For US Home Renovation

zigbee dimmer switch

Electrical fires, electric shocks, blackouts, circuit breaker tripping, and power surges can all occur in a home, offices or agency with a bad electrical system. It is advisable to upgrade your electrical system when upgrading your home, offices or agency and this is because, it will improve and speed up the operation and usability of your home, offices agency while also bringing safety standards. Furthermore, a home, offices or agency with a very good, standard and reliable electrical system i.e. touch light switch, smart switch, Wi-Fi touch switch and so on, is always more valuable and preferable to the one with a very bad electrical system.

Furthermore, when planning the development or remodeling of your dream home, houses, agency or offices, you must as well pay close attention to the architectural designs, furniture, water systems, and most especially the electrical installation of the whole building. However, when installing any electrical system in the homes e.g. Zigbee dimmer switch, you really need to be very careful and sensitive by hiring the most qualified personnel to handle the work so as to avoid any form of breakout when handled by a quack personnel.

In all houses, electrical system consists of various components like the electrical sockets, smart touch switch, Wifi, Zigbee smart switch, Wifi dimmer switch, touch switch and a lot more. Electrical switches are majorly the control devices which allows you to start and stop the flow of electricity to all of the electrical equipment in your home, agency, office or business.

Switches on its own do not have the ability to restrict or disable any energy flow; they are completely binary, allowing or disallowing the full flow of electricity.

touch light switches

Let’s look at some various sorts of electrical outlets and switches for the home to get a better idea:

  • Single Pole Switches:  They are the most used outlets in our daily life in which we can’t do without during house installation. Toggle switches for example solely known for its effective control of one single fixture from a single position only.
  • Double Pole Switches: This type of switch works almost the same way as single pole switches but its distinct from single pole is that they can simultaneously manage two distinct fixtures without requiring a separate box. Double pole consists of two single pole switches that are controlled from a single or same box.
  • Bell Push Switches: this type of switch is used in the industry, business or homes to verify the flow of electricity or in the creation of doorbells electricity. Bell push buttons are very quick and abrupt flow of electricity when in use and it breaks off the current when in the off position.
  • Intermediate/Two-Way Switches: Two-Way/Intermediate switches are easily installed in hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, and other important areas. Intermediate switches consists of a three-way switch arrangement that allows a single fixture to be controlled from two different places.
  • Smart Switch: This is the most convenient switch and it’s because it’s relatively new and popular. You have easy and free access to control the lights from anywhere in your house, offices or business. The switch are designed to be multi-way, three-way, or four-way switches with remote control.

Sockets is also one of the installed appliances in the home, offices or business which allows free current to flow into your electrical devices and appliances, and they come in different forms and sizes depending on where you stay. Their advantages and functionality, however, remain intact.

The voltage capacity is one of the features that also distinct sockets to be known and each socket is designed separately and has a wide range of power capabilities in terms of the amount of current

US sockets

Types Of Sockets

  • Two-Pin Socket: This electrical socket consists of two long connection slots that are connected underground.
  • Three-Pin Socket: This type of socket have a ground pin to protect against electrical shocks and other hazards.
  • Five-Pin Socket: This consist of a clever mix of a three-pin and a two-pin socket.
  • International Or Universal Sockets: This consists of a pinhole that can fit a wide range of items from European and American countries.

Once the property is fully equipped and set, the installation of all the needed electrical outlets and switches is the next thing to put in place. However, the high demand for attractive and functional switches and socket skyrocket and this is because of the general acceptance of smart anf modular houses in the world today. For safe and smooth installation of all your electrical work, make sure you conduct a thorough research and as well engage the service of a qualified electrical service suppliers.

Smart Switch

Smart switch is a switch which is attached to some remote system or controller. It is used for a remote light switch operation and some contains different brass connections. One of the thing that makes smart switch acceptable and popular is its new style of switch which is the bright switch and it is very convenient and can be operated anywhere in the house. Smart switch requires just a minimum amount of electricity and a neutral connection is also needed. You might need the service of a good and qualified electrician for the connection so as to avoid any form of hazards. You can turn on all the electrical equipment in a room with a single light switch. As a result, you will no longer have to manually operate various switches and devices.

Wi-Fi Touch Switch

Smart switches are connected to your home or office network and may be controlled remotely using an application on your smartphone or tablet through Wi-Fi. The lights can still be switched on and off by toggling the in-wall switch, which is very useful if you have visitors or if your phone with you.

Zigbee Smart Switch

This can be done by just replacing the formal switch and convert the ordinary lights into Zigbee powered smart access devices. These switches manage the electronic device’s power level, connectivity, and schedule, allowing you to use it as an intelligent device.

Zigbee Dimmer Switch

This switch make use Zigbee 3.0 technology, which improves the device’s compatibility even more. The switch will also have voice control and smartphone-based app control in addition to touch control. It works with devices ranging from 100 to 240 volts, including the most powerful. The switch replaces your existing light switch while still allowing you to manage your overhead lighting via Zigbee wireless in-wall control. You can customize the light and create the perfect ambiance with the dimmer’s functions!


If you’re planning a home, business, agency or office renovation, make sure to look at the electrical system. To also improve house and office safety and security, home wiring and electrical equipment must also be upgraded.

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