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Switch Your Home Interior to Dark Mode

touch light switches

Livolo is your gateway to dark mode

In the decoration process of many American homes, black has gradually become mainstream. More and more households will choose black panel switches and sockets. Livolo offers a stylish black touch light switch. With its LED indicator, you won’t have to fumble around in the dark to find your light.

What is dark mode for interior design?

Interior design in 2022 favors the modern minimalist. “Dark mode” refers to a bold yet simple design aesthetic that emphasizes dark colors like black and dark brown. Dark design textures in a dark interior can include woods, metals, acrylics, and ceramics. A dark interior pairs well with greenery, natural lighting, and earthy tones.

Dark mode for US home interiors is a minimalist style that has gained popularity in recent years. It often showcases the relationships between natural and industrial, dark and light, and hard and soft. It is an interior design style that even the most inexperienced home designer can take on.

Why you should follow the dark mode trend

Dark mode is trendy, but it is also a timeless look. Dark colors create an excellent contrast against lighter colors. By incorporating dark elements in your home you can make your home cozy and make a statement.

Typical dark mode design is very minimalistic. Declutter your space and gain mental clarity by taking this simple and clean approach to interior design. You will impress your house guests with the ambiance of your dark-mode home.

Speaking of ambiance, lighting is one of the most important aspects of a good ambiance. Livolo has what you need to elevate your light switches to dark mode.

touch light switch

A touch light switch that’s compatible with dark interiors

Take it to the next level by incorporating modern light switches into your home. Livolo makes modern minimalistic touch screen light switches, US sockets, remote switches, and smart switches in black. Our features look sleek and function beautifully.

Touch light switches

Livolo offers a 1-gang touch light switch, 2-gang touch light switch, 3-gang touch light switch, and 4-gang touch light switch. Gang is another way of saying button. For example, a 2-gang touch light switch has two buttons. Our light switches feature a glass panel, LED indicators, and easy installation.

US sockets

Livolo makes double and single sockets of various US standard types including 15A, 16A, and 20A. Our stylish US sockets are screwless with glass covers and chrome trim. Pair these with Livolo touch light switches to make your dark mode interior pop.

The bottom line

If you are looking for a change in your interior design, dark mode may be the refresher you need. Livolo can be the black touch light switch and US socket provider for your dark interior design. Choose from various styles and capacities depending on the electrical needs in your home. Incorporating statement dark pieces into your home will make it feel cozier and more stylish. You’ll want to hang out in your dark mode home all day and night.

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