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Livolo Touch Switches: Usability

Livolo touch switches

When the Livolo crystal series touch switches were designed, they were made with a perfect union between the user and the interface. For this, it was necessary, not only that they had a functional design, but also that they were easy and comfortable to understand and use, that is, that they had good usability.

The main essence of the Livolo touch switches in the glass panel. We are used to operating the panel with just one finger, exerting much more force on the mechanism, but thanks to this new design and its actuation by touching, we will be able to turn the mechanisms on and off with all the fingers of the hand, thus facilitating another habit intuitive, simple and comfortable.

Usability of Livolo touch switches

The glass panels are actuated by touching always maintaining the same position

Livolo has changed the way of interacting with light, reformulating the traditional dimmer concept based on usability. After all, what we most want is to turn a light source on and off and occasionally dim its intensity. That is why we have created a dimmer touch switch in which the main function is that of a switch; consequently, the glass panel receives a larger actuation surface and, in the background, we find the dimmer. In this way, we combine the touch switch with the invisible technology that the dimmer has, thus providing feedback to the user on the intensity level of the light so that they know the status of the dimmer at all times. By gently sliding your finger over the glass panel, the user can adjust the intensity of the light, raising the level of experience between the user and the interface.

Touch switches for lights centralization

With Livolo touch switches we find the same size of mechanisms and panel in all its functions, whether in switches, dimmers, blinds or in the masters, which are keys similar to switches or regulators but are used for switching, regulation, centralization of blinds or activation of experiences.

In this way, they are integrated into the frameworks perfectly and the interpretation for the end user is more intuitive and easier to remember. That is why we wanted to design a friendly, smooth and large interface so that it is more easily located. Thus, when entering a dark room and looking for the switch, touch, which will have become our most valued sense, will immediately find the mechanism.

Livolo Home App

In addition to the touching start, the Livolo wifi touch light switch and Zigbee touch light switch can also be connected to the Livolo home app, allowing you to remotely control whatever you want, making your life more convenient

From what we have seen, the design and usability of the Livolo touch switches are closely related. Designed to improve the interaction with the user, it facilitates the usability of its operation and ends up creating a new way of interacting with the switches.

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