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Livolo Tempered Glass Light Switches and Sockets

Livolo Glass light switches, Wifi smart switches, crystal sockets, and Zigbee switches are simple, stylish, and trustworthy, transforming one wall into a piece of art while also providing you with an efficient way of living.

We are one of the leading providers of touch switches and plugs, and we produce contemporary and highly efficient lifestyles. Livolo offers efficient lighting solutions for your home lighting system, including our modern touch switch and socket. Livolo is known for its practicality, craftsmanship, and distinctive designs.


Smart glass can alter its look from clear to frosted at the touch of a button while allowing light to travel through from both sides. By applying electricity, it switches between a transparent and opaque state using electro-chromatic technology. When seclusion is necessary, the switchable glass rapidly turns opaque, providing instant privacy.

glass panel


A touch switch is 5A’ and an outlet is 16A. It works with a tempered glass panel that is dirt-proof and simple to maintain. Livolo noted for its functionality, quality, and unique designs. The company’s products are one of the leading producers of touch switches and plugs.


A thoughtfully designed tempered glass panel with rounded edges that is twice as strong as normal glass, withstands a high level of heat, and is safe to use. It resists smudges and allows for easy removal of fingerprint grease. The glass panel cleans very easily, keeping it looking brand new.


Tempered glass is 4x stronger than annealed glass or “ordinary” glass. Glass in compression is about 5x less breakable than glass in tension. During the quenching step, the outer surface of the glass goes into compression to make it lighter and more conductive.


Tempered glass is an ultra-hard plastic that can withstand temperatures up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit.


The thermal process that makes tempered glass so strong also makes it scratch resistant and preserves the clarity and transparency of the glass.


Tempered glass is available in a variety of different designs and patterns, making it perfect for use wherever glass needed.

A Touch switch

The most basic type of tactile sensor is a touch switch. It found in a lot of mental-encased lights and wall switches.

A simple, Beautiful, and Reliable touch light switch makes your wall looks beautiful and provides a trend and efficient lifestyle

Glass panel touch light switch

Tempered glass, metal,  plastic, and electro-hydraulic conductive materials such as elastomer and carbon fiber common materials used for glass touch switches.

It can mounted on any wall of your home to control all the appliances in the area. A smooth tap on it will switch on and off the appliances linked with it.

A visually attractive glass touch panel is easy to install (Retrofittable) safe and secure isolated power circuit


The socket is a vital conduit that permits electrical current to pass through to your appliances and devices. sockets come in a variety of forms and sizes, but their functioning is the same. The sole difference between sockets is their voltage capability or the amount of current they can handle.

Types of socket

Two-pin socket: This electrical socket is made up of two lightly connecting slots that are underground links. A ground pin is included in this style of a socket to guard against electrical shock and other risks.

A five-pin socket: This is a creative combination of a three-pin and a two-pin socket.

International or Universal Sockets: these are pinhole sockets that can suit a variety of goods from European and American countries.

The modern touch light switches

 The modern touch light switches are a new design, through excellent processing technology and high-quality raw materials.

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