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Livolo Dimmer Touch Switches

dimmer touch switches

Livolo dimmer touch switches allow you to create experiences tailored to the users of a space.

A design where intuitive interaction facilitates light control to adapt it to people and adjust it to the desired environment and atmosphere.


The dimmable switches maintain the same philosophy and design as the rest of the mechanisms in the collection, allowing you to turn them on and off by touching the screen and regulate them easily and intuitively by sliding your finger horizontally over its surface.

Tactile and dimmer touch switches

Discover why it is important to regulate the light, energy savings and the usability of dimmer touch switch

Remote dimmer touch switch: Control from the radio digital controller

Zigbee dimmer touch switch: control from Livolo home App

Through the Livolo home app you can control the switching on, off, and dimming of the light. In addition, it will be possible to extend the functions of the dimmable switch by adjusting the regulation ramps or timing the ignition.

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