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Improve Your Well-being Thanks To The Dimmer Touch Switch

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Variations in light, both artificial and natural, influence people’s moods and behavior. Therefore, if we are able to manage the regulation of light in our home, office, hotel, or other rooms, control its intensity, its tonality and modify its nuances, light can become a key element to improve the well-being of humans. In addition, the regulation of light also saves energy while creating environments with the correct lighting at all times. Therefore, installing a dimmer touch switch in necessary.

How can we regulate the light in our home or office?

In order to carry out these changes, elements for lighting control are needed. For example, elements, such as power modules and dimmer touch switches, are connected to each other, allowing different automation and lighting configurations to be carried out from a control system.

Having all these dimmer touch switches connected provides many advantages over not having a connected system, as it allows lighting environments to be created, adjusting the levels to what is needed at all times, as well as saving energy. Therefore, whenever possible, our lights must form an ecosystem to work together for our well-being.

The usefulness of dimming is based on identifying scenes in which different types of lighting are needed in order to configure our lights accordingly. Watching a movie is much more pleasant if we have the possibility of regulating the light in the living room just to the level that we like the most. Dimming the light can also be very useful when showing slides in a meeting.

To regulate the light in any room we basically need two elements: dimmable devices and a controller. The first part is easy to understand, lights and lamps that can be controlled remotely and that allow their intensity or tone to be changed. With the second we refer to any device that allows us to control and regulate these devices, it can be a touch switch, a wheel switch, a remote, our mobile, or a centralized control panel.

Advantages of using a dimmer touch switch

As we mentioned at the beginning, being able to regulate lighting allows us to obtain many benefits that positively affect our health and well-being. During morning awakening, the light we perceive has been shown to directly affect our circadian rhythm, which is responsible for regulating our daily physical, mental and behavioral cycles. The eyes also suffer when we have more and less light. Forcing your eyes can cause vision problems in the long run, so dimming the light can be very effective in these cases. On the other hand, light regulation also has a positive effect on other aspects, as we will see below:

• On the one hand, we can generate comfort and create an environment that is appropriate to what is required at any given time, allowing the lighting in any environment (office, hotels, homes, etc.) to adapt to the actual activity of each moment. As we have already said before, each situation needs a different light, since waking up with great light is not the same as a dim light that gradually increases, or reading in dim light and straining your eyes. In the end, creating an adequate light environment provides us with greater comfort.

• Secondly, the most important operational advantage is the energy savings derived from light regulation, since by using light regulation we adapt the levels to the requirements of the moment and to the existence of natural lighting sources. For example, in the case of open areas next to windows in an office building, the environment during the day will require much less light intensity since we will have a lot of natural light; on the contrary, in the evening-night, the lighting will have to be regulated to have much more intensity of artificial light. All with the functionality and simplicity of being able to regulate and automate it from an easy-to-use system.

• It also allows us to save money thanks to less intensive use of lamps or bulbs, so that in the long run the wear of the device is less and therefore it will have a longer useful life.

• Being able to control the light as we please also gives us security. In many of our daily actions, sometimes because the switch is too far away, we do not have enough light and we stumble, which can really hurt us. If we can control it remotely, we can turn it on even before we get up. On the other hand, light is synonymous with an active life in a home. If we go on vacation, we can simulate our presence by programming our lights to turn on and off by themselves, this will keep the robbers away to a certain extent.

The ideal solution to have the regulation of your light under control: Livolo dimmer touch switch

Livolo has control solutions for practically all situations. Livolo provides dimmer touch switches, Radio controlled dimmer switches, and Zigbee dimmer touch switches. Even the voice control has been achieved via Amazon Alexa, if you want to dim the lights, you can say “hello Alexa, dim the lights”.If you want to enjoy all the benefits that light regulation provides, Livolo is undoubtedly your best option. 

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