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How Will US Home Be In 10 Years

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With the idea of sustainability becoming increasingly popular around the world, there are many things that are likely to change in 10 years. With the advancement of technology, US households have been revolutionized. From smart switches to voice assistants to smart appliances, homeowners have been drawn towards smart homes.

Keep an eye out for these trends over the next decade

1. AI in The Home

Artificial intelligence is already playing a large part in many homes in US. As we move into the future, facial scans and other biometrics will be used to recognize occupants. You will be able to walk up to your front door and have your house open up for you.  Applications of AI are expected to spot dangers, including children falling, storms approaching, and unknown cars approaching.

2. Smart Locks

Smart locks in homes can be programmed according to your needs. Visitors can be granted or denied access based on specified identifiers. Repairmen can be granted access to the house with a special authorization code, whereas unknown intruders won’t be allowed in.

3. AI Integrated Cameras

With AI being the future of smart home technology, most of the smart devices in US homes will feature integrated AI-enabled sensors. The new generation of AI-integrated smart cameras is the future of smart home security. Such cameras will be able to recognize a person when he comes closer to your home and generate signals accordingly. In the case of an unwanted person, it can send warning messages or trigger a security siren.

4. Automated Robots May Take Over Our Daily Activities

Although automated robots are yet to take over our day-to-day activities, it is expected that robots will take over many US homes in 10 years. The fact that we already have automated robots in many some in the U.S., it is not too much of a stretch to imagine of a time when robots will be used in homes to perform tasks such as cleaning the floors, serving food, picking up things and more. 

5. Smart Toilets Shall Be On the Rise

Although the idea of smart toilets looked a bit overstretched when the first smart toilet was launched in 2011, an increasing number of people are willing to install these toilets in their properties. It is only a matter of time until the toilet era becomes a reality.

Smart toilets could perform urinalysis to detect if there are any abnormalities in urine. It is also expected that smart toilets will be able to tell if someone is pregnant or if they have certain types of cancer. 

Smart toilets also come with automatic deodorizers, MP3 settings, and heated settings. 

Other benefits of owning a smart toilet include:

  • They are absolutely easy to use
  • They help in water conservation
  • They come with a reduced risk of overflowing

6. Smart Beds and Mattresses

There are companies that are currently engaged in developing smart beds, which comprise sensors capable of analyzing your sleep pattern and adjusting to improve your sleep quality. These smart beds will be integrated into other devices connected to your smart home system, including a thermostat, lighting, smart locks, entertainment system, and more.

7. Health Monitoring Systems

Another feature of a smart home that will progress quickly in the coming years is a health monitoring system. Several medical devices to check your vitals, including body temperature, cholesterol heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen or glucose levels in the blood already exist in the market. Smart health monitoring systems will function as an early warning system.

8. Smart Switches Will Be Increasingly Used in American Homes

Smart switches are equipped with advanced features such as voice-enabled control, programmable timing, mood lighting, and remote monitor and control, all of which help to automate your home.

A smart switch can control anything that it is connected with, including lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, hardwired appliances, and other devices. You can control smart switches through a smartphone app or via a remote control.

The following are some of the benefits of installing smart switches in your property.

  • Lower Energy costs

Investing in a smart switch will pay off in dividends over time. You can immediately save on lighting costs by up to 60 percent through technologies such as dimming and sensors.

Already, energy-saving and time-saving decoration methods have become the trend of many American households. So you can expect US homes to save more energy going into the future.

  • Managing all of your home devices from one place.

 The convenience factor here is enormous. Being able to keep all of the technology in your home connected through one interface is a massive step forward for technology and home management.

  • Multi-device Integration

 As part of smart home automation, most remote switches can integrate several devices for a more convenient living experience. For example, remote switches could be programmed as a custom alarm or to turn on devices in a home.

  • Increased Security

Some smart home light switches can be connected to home alarm and security systems for greater security when you are away. Many video doorbells can be linked to remote switches and even a video cam and motion sensors for added security.

  • Hassle-Free Installation

Installing home automation switches in your property is as simple as replacing an electrical switch. Whether it be a multi switch smart light switch, a Zigbee touch switch, or touch light switch, an electrician doesn’t need any special tools to do the job.  

Bottom Line

Installing a smart home light switch gives your home a boost in modernization and enables you to realize energy savings. Furthermore, remote switches will definitely make your life easier and even safer. A home automation switch can surely be a welcome addition to your home.

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