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How To Do The Touch Light Switches Installation In A Home

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Whether you are just curious about how to do the touch light switches in the home or if you want to modify the one you already have or make an installation from scratch, in this article we explain everything you need to carry it out. In addition, we will also give you some practical and safety tips that will be very useful when putting everything explained into practice. Shall we start?

First step: installation scheme

Before starting to make our touch light switches installed in a room, we must make a plan or diagram that reflects all the elements that we want to install, from switches or sockets to lights or lamps. This will allow us to know in advance what materials we are going to need and how we are going to plan the installation.

It will also allow us to discover possible failures or errors that sounded great in our head but when we see them on paper we realize that it does not quite fit. It is not necessary that you use the technical notation of electricity, since it is a scheme to clarify our ideas, but if you know how to use it, the better. Remember to write down all the details so you don’t miss anything.

Necessary materials

Once we have our diagram ready, we will have a very clear idea of the electrical material that we need to buy. Remember that it must be a high-quality and durable material, otherwise, you will be putting your home and the health of the people who live in it at risk. Of course, at Livolo, you will find all the element you need.

Touch Light Switch: How many touch light switches do you need in your home? Standard touch light switches or Dimmer touch light switches. 1 gang, 2 gang, 3 gang, 4 gang, you even have 4 options to choose.

2-Way Touch Light Switch: if you are going to install two mechanisms to turn on the same light, you will need a 2-way switch.

Scokets: Of course, you will also need one or more sockets. You can take the opportunity to put smart plugs that you can control by Wi-Fi or that incorporate a USB charging input.

How to distribute the sockets in a home?

As for the sockets, you can install as many as you need. Currently, it is essential to have a socket very close to the bed, since it is common to charge our smartphone at night on the bedside table. If the room is a double, you will need a socket on each side. Here it is very interesting to put a socket with a USB input, so you can charge your mobile and connect a lamp or anything else in a single socket.

In the rest of the room install as many sockets as you need. One or two next to the desk to connect the computer, one in front of the bed to be able to hang the television, near the dressing table… There is no maximum or minimum number of sockets, everything will depend on your needs.

Tips for the touch light switches installation in a home

Finally, we want to give you a few tips. It is quite likely that they have not crossed your mind before but they are things that must be taken into account in almost any type of electrical installation.

Height of sockets and switches: mechanisms for turning lights on and off are usually installed at a height of 90 cm from the floor. The sockets are usually installed 15 cm from the floor, but this can vary according to the needs, since, for example, the sockets next to the bed are usually placed at the same height as the bed.

Protection elements: if you have small children at home, it is very important to place protection elements in the sockets to avoid accidents. You can use sockets with covers or sockets with twist mechanisms.

Safety: your safety comes first, so before you start working remember that you must completely cut off the power supply. Also use protective gloves and the appropriate tools, respect the color of the cables (neutral blue, phase brown and green/yellow for grounding), do not leave bare cables, and stay focused. Remember to check the entire installation before reconnecting the power supply.

We hope that this article has been interesting for you and that it will be very useful for you to carry out the electrical installation of your room. Remember that at Livolo we are always at your disposal to answer all your questions. We invite you to take a look at our online store when buying the necessary materials for your installation if you want to be sure that you are using the best electrical materials on the market.

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