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How To Control Lights With Amazon Alexa’s Voice Assistant

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has crept into our lives without even realizing it, and voice assistants like Amazon Alexa are undoubtedly a great example of this.

Installing smart switches is technically becoming easier, as well as connecting them to this type of device adds great comfort to the use of home automation in the home since only the voice is necessary to turn on or off the lights in a home. If you want to increase the level of comfort to the maximum, in this article we are going to teach you how to control lights with Alexa.

Options to control lights with Alexa

Introducing home automation in any type of room is really simple today thanks to wireless connections, leaving behind the complex wired home automation systems of yesteryear. These allow us to install all kinds of devices that allow us to easily manage the different aspects of a home, from lighting or blinds to plugs or appliances. All this through our Wi-Fi network and without the need for a central computer, also known as a Hub, although there is also the option of creating an exclusive wireless communication network using the Livolo Hub.

In addition to being able to control all these devices through our mobile, the arrival of intelligent voice assistants has been added to this, which allows us to combine both systems to manage our home with just our voice. In the case that concerns us today, control lights with Amazon Alexa‘s voice assistant, are simple and quick to introduce the comfort offered by home automation. There are currently 2 main options.

The “easy” but not very effective option, which in the end ends up causing more problems than solutions, is to install a smart light bulb. Although it is easy to install (it is just changing one bulb for another) and its configuration is simple, there is a big but: the circuit must always be left “open” so that the bulb always has a connection to the network. Even so, most bulbs tend to lose connection, and therefore we will not be able to control the lights with Alexa, or with our mobile. Also, if we turn off the light from the switch, we will totally lose the connection.

The best option is undoubtedly to install a smart switch, without the need to change the light bulb or the electrical installation. The old mechanism is replaced by the new one by adding a neutral cable, which is one that will give you a constant connection to the Wi-Fi network. In this way, we can control the lights with Alexa, from the App or from the smart switch. Regardless of the method we use, our lights will always be available and connected to the network waiting for our instructions.

How to add lights to the Alexa app

So if you want to control lights with Alexa, we recommend digging into the smart switch option. In Livolo, there are smart switches available that connect directly to the Wi-Fi network and are fully compatible with the Amazon assistant. The installation and configuration are divided into only 3 steps:

Installation of smart switch: the first thing will be to install the chosen smart switch. It’s as simple as removing the old mechanism and installing the new one. The new installation will include the connection of a neutral wire to add the constant power that allows wifi connectivity.

Smart switch configuration: once installed, the next thing will be to configure it through our smartphone. In the case of the Livolo smart switches, the indicated application is that of Livolo Home, available on both Android and iOS.

Add to the Alexa app: to control lights with Alexa, we only have to connect our smart switch to the voice assistant using its own app. Once registered in the Livolo home app, we will only have to search for the switch in the Alexa app. You must enter “Skills and games” and then look for “Livolo home” in the magnifying glass located in the upper right corner. After linking your Livolo home account, you can click “Discover Devices” to link your smart switch.

Commands and scenes

Well, we have installed and configured our smart switch, now what? Well, we just have to use our voice and the indicated commands to control the lights with Alexa. With a simple “Alexa, turn off the light in the living room” we can turn off the light. Remember to always use the same name that you have entered in the Livolo app for it to work.

We can also turn it on or regulate it by indicating a percentage: “Alexa, dim the light in the living room to 50%”. If we turn off the light from the smart mechanism or from the app, the voice instructions will continue to work without a problem. In addition, we can also include the control of lights in scenes that collect different instructions. For example, we can say “Alexa, it’s time to sleep”, and thus turn off all the lights without having to go one by one. To do this we must first set up this scene in the Livolo app.

As you have seen, installing smart switches like the Livolo Wifi touch light switch and Zigbee light switch is becoming easier, as well as making them communicate with other smart devices in our home, in this case, the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Thanks to them our day-to-day is much simpler, since they provide us with great comfort, in addition to being able to obtain energy savings. If you need more information, we encourage you to visit our website or contact our sales team to offer you personalized attention.

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