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How To Achieve A Consistent Look For Your House

smart home touch switch

Minimalist Lifestyle

In recent times, a good number of families in the United States have found the minimalist lifestyle increasingly attractive, especially when it comes to decorating their homes. According to a study in 2018, one in four adults in the United States already see themselves as minimalists or are working towards it. We can only imagine that the number has increased and is still increasing. The people in this number bracket have learned to be intentional about their living space while getting rid of the things that are not necessary because with minimalism comes clarity, uncluttered space, and freedom itself. They also recognize that minimalism does not in any way mean drab, boring, or lifeless. And this is where the art and science of creating a kind of simplicity that is elegant and at the same time beautiful come in. Now a light-colored room with white couches will need other matching accessories to go with it. This has not been as easy as it sounds, getting touch light switches, pillows, and other things that fit in and in the most attractive way possible. People who have embraced this lifestyle may have had a hard time doing this but right here and now, we will reduce these problems by at least one.

Liovlo Touch Switches

Are you one of the not-so few Americans who wants to achieve the minimalist lifestyle but are having trouble finding the things that go with it, including a light switch? Livolo switches were designed for this purpose, complementing the minimalist lifestyle with simplicity and elegance. These touch switches, made with high-quality tempered glass, are made to blend but at the same time give your home an artistic touch. They are things that make the little differences, the ones you notice but are not sure where they come from.

Tempered Glass Panel

Not only do these switches match your aesthetics and create a utopia for you, but they are also very efficient. They make the simple act of switching on or switching off a light a thing of beauty and something extremely easy to do. The touch light switches which come in varying shades of neutral colors are made of tempered glass that is resistant to scratching and is easy to clean. They also do not fade easily or deform at the slightest impact. This is sure to increase the life span of the switch and there is nothing better than knowing that you do not have to walk on eggshells around your switches. In addition, this glass that makes up the front panel is fire resistant, it can withstand temperatures of up to three hundred degrees Celcius.

LED Lights

Any Livolo touch light switch comes with a backlight that helps you confirm whether or not you have turned off the switch. The red backlight is present when the light is on and blue for when it has been turned off. This means you can easily spot a switch even in the dark, it, however, does not affect your sleep. There is also the option of an audible click for more confirmation. In terms of functionality, the touch switches require only light and brief touch to function, they are more touch-sensitive than regular switches. They can also come with remote controls which use Zigbee technology, you can guess what that means, that you do not need to get out of bed or leave wherever you are to switch off or switch on the lights in your home. The remotes can often be used for all switches that are connected to it so you can switch off all the lights in the house from one position. Furthermore, they can also perform the work of dimmer control.

Smart Switches

You can also get an integrated smart home touch switch along with your Livolo touch switch. This smart home touch switch gives you the chance to control several systems in your home from just one switch. Systems like sound, blinds, and lights are controlled from one panel, take a moment to imagine that! This means you can save the cost and energy of getting separate switches for these systems. This same feature has a temperature and humidity control system so that it can control both conditions if they exceed the normal levels.

Some other features will interest you to know. The first is that you can choose the components of your switch yourself. This opens the choice of several combinations. You can pick the glass panel you want, the decorative frames that tickle your fancy, and choose your function module. So, the chances that your touch switch will be like no one else’s is incredibly higher. Another thing is that you can control one lamp with multiple switches through the process of synchronization.

Despite all these incredible extra features that come with the touch-sensitive Livolo switches, they are still easy to install. They are installed the same way other switches are with no need for any neutral wires. Hence, if you already had traditional switches in place and want to replace them, you almost do not need to do anything. No complications, no extra technicalities.

To achieve consistency in your home, you only need these touch switches. They can be applied anywhere in the house, with no restrictions, and no reservations. The kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, wherever you want them.  They do not cause any clutter because of their mostly neutral colors and simple designs, so, you can have several switches in one room, “the more, the merrier” definitely applies here.

Livolo touch light switches are everything any minimalist American adult has dreamt of for their home, whether or not they know it. Even if you have not, you now will after seeing how much promise the touch switch holds and how much more it can do for you apart from simply switching off lights. From controlling several systems in your house to completing the whole minimalist vibe you have going on to enabling you remote access to many light switches in your house. It does not get better than that!

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