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Home Automation Lights: How Does The Automated Light Control Work

Livolo Zigbee switch

Home automation lights allow us to enjoy automated lighting that offers us comfort and, at the same time, savings and efficiency.

Home automation allows the automation of a multitude of devices and functions in the home. Among them, automated lighting control is one of the most important, since it allows us to improve domestic comfort while reducing consumption and improving savings. If you want to know more about what home automation lights are and how they work, keep reading and we will tell you.

What are home automation lights?

We talk about home automation lights to refer to the traditional lights of any home that are automated. We can program them to turn on at a certain time or control them remotely.

How do automated lights work?

The operation of home automation lights is relatively simple. The key to this type of light is that they are traditional luminaires but that they are connected to smart switches. In this way, thanks to the use of intelligent devices, they can be automated without the need for the person to manipulate the luminaire directly.

Advantages of installing home automation lights at home

Some of the main advantages of having home automation lights at home are the following:

1. Automated comfort light

Thanks to automated light control, home automation lights can be programmed to emit comfortable light adapted to each moment. In other words, the optimal light to carry out each task according to the needs of each moment. In this way, home automation lights can be adapted to different environments and situations, which offers a higher quality experience to the user.

For example, it is possible to have different light scenes in a room, as well as the light having different levels of intensity depending on the activity that is carried out, be it lunch or dinner, watching a movie, reading a book, etc.

2. More security

Another advantage we have is that home automation lights can be controlled remotely (for example, through an App installed on our mobile phone), and we can turn them on and off even when we are traveling. This is what is known as presence simulation. That is, use home automation devices to give the feeling that the house is inhabited when we are not in it. In this way, the security of the property is increased, since this simulation of presence helps to ward off possible intruders.

3. More efficient consumption

Thanks to the automation of home automation lights, energy consumption is carried out only when necessary. For example, if we set a timer in the smart mechanism, we can prevent the lights from being left on, which is very useful in some spaces where less time is spent (for example, a bathroom or a pantry). In this way, energy consumption is reduced without affecting the quality of the user experience, which contributes to being more sustainable and respectful of the environment.

4. Greater financial savings

Finally, another of the main advantages provided by the installation of home automation lights in a home and that cannot be overlooked is the economic savings they entail. For example, all the lights in the house can be turned off before leaving the house, or remotely when we are away.

Using Livolo smart switch helps you automatize the lighting in your home

There are several ways to domotize the lights of a house. If this is the first time you are thinking of automating your home lighting, the best solution is to opt for the Livolo Wifi touch light switch. Why? Livolo Wifi touch light switch is made up of solutions that allow you to automatize the lights at home in a simple and scalable way. What does this mean? That you can automatize lights individually without the need to install a HUB (the device that centrally controls the domotic devices of a home).

In this way, thanks to Livolo Wifi touch light switch, you can automatize individual elements of your house thanks to simplified connectivity. And, if later on you want to connect these devices to a HUB (from 10 connected devices), you can opt for the extended connectivity of the Livolo Zigbee switches. In other words, thanks to Livolo Zigbee switches you can enjoy the home automation lights of your home in both simplified and expanded form. For all this, it is presented as the best option to start automating the lights and the rest of the installations in your home, since it is a scalable solution that adapts to all types of homes

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