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Get Inspired by These 6 Incredible Examples of Home Automation

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Home automation has taken a 180º turn in the last two decades. We have gone from having to install really complex wired systems, expensive and only suitable for specialized companies, to having all kinds of smart devices that are economically very accessible, work wirelessly, and can be installed by professionals or even by users themselves. . Incredible true?

Do you want to introduce home automation among your services but do not know where to start? Well, calm down because in this article we are going to leave you 6 examples in which you will surely find inspiration.

1. Smart light switches and remote lighting control

Without a doubt, the easiest way to start building a smart home is through smart light switches. The great advances in home automation have made it no longer necessary to carry out a complex installation to automate the lights in any room.

The installation of smart light switches is simple since you only have to replace the old mechanism with the new one. It will not be necessary to change the bulb or the electrical installation or even have a central computer that allows it to be controlled, as is the case with the WIfi touch light switches. These connect to the Livolo home app over the Wi-Fi network, so the complexity is minimal.

2. Smart thermostats to optimize consumption

Energy consumption for heating or air conditioning is a great expense for families, and more than a real consumption problem, it is an optimization problem. Home automation has tools such as the smart thermostat that allow consumers to be optimized without losing a single bit of comfort.

Thanks to the smart thermostat, air conditioning systems can be controlled remotely, as well as their programming. All through a smartphone, even when you are away from home, in addition to an easy-to-use physical digital panel.

3. Motorization of intelligent blinds

The motorization of smart blinds is another of the advantages offered by home automation. Innovation has reached the control of blinds and the possibility of controlling or programming the raising and lowering of blinds is real and simple. Any installer will be able to promote the installation of connective switches among their clients’ thanks to their simple installation.

Livolo Zigbee blinds switch incorporates everything necessary to easily automatize motorized blinds. Not only can blinds be raised and lowered from the app, but it is also possible to program schedules, incorporate them into usage scenarios or even centralize the control of all your blinds thanks to a master switch. In addition, thanks to its elegant and minimalist design, it integrates perfectly into the decoration.

4. Improve comfort with scenes

Turn on the television, dim the lights at 30% intensity, lower the blinds, turn on the heating at 23ºC… All with a single click.

Having several home automation devices allows you to create scenes that execute several actions at once, thus increasing comfort and saving a lot of time. Once installed, configuring and creating scenes is easy for users if we take the Livolo home app scene configuration as an example.

5. Increase security with presence simulation

Home automation also makes it possible to increase the security of a home when its owners or tenants are not there. Thanks to the creation of various scenarios, it is possible to implement the simulation of presence in a home with the aim of scaring away possible thieves who take advantage of any opportunity to steal.

It is a very practical additional application that does not require any extra device. The presence simulation is configured from a smartphone or tablet, and it is not necessary for the installer to intervene in it, since its configuration is totally intuitive. Programming the raising and lowering of blinds during the day or turning on lights at night can be enough to sow doubt and protect a home.

6. Go one step further with a voice assistant

The arrival of voice assistants has increased the comfort of home automation by one point. Thanks to them, smart devices can be controlled using voice commands, without the need to touch the mobile or the connective switch. Both Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant can be easily integrated with Livolo products, with quick and easy setup.

Current home automation systems allow you to build an intelligent home in a very simple, convenient, and fast way. Livolo Wifi touch light switches and Zigbee light switches are the two collections that we offer you to introduce home automation in your customers’ homes. With a quick and clean installation and configuration, they will be delighted to see that the complexity of home automation has been forgotten and that these days, increasing comfort in the home requires little effort.

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