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DIY Home Automation Projects: Home Automation Within Everyone’s Reach

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Do you want to have a smart home with livolo switches? Well, pay attention to the different DIY home automation projects we propose below. You will love them!

The “Do it Yourself (DIY)” or do it yourself is more fashionable than ever in the domestic sphere. Learning does not take up space and being able to repair and install the most basic things in your home yourself is undoubtedly a great skill. For a few years, installing home automation has been something so simple that it is not necessary to be a great expert, professionals from various sectors can include it in their services, and even consumers themselves can take care of its configuration.

If you want to pave the way for smart homes and expand it to make life easier for your customers. We encourage you to take a look at the different DIY home automation projects that we propose below

Zigbee dimmer switch

A Home With Smart Mechanisms

Wireless technology to carry out your DIY home automation projects

With the extension of wireless network protocols and our daily use, over time home automation technology has been able to take advantage of this situation to facilitate its introduction anywhere. Gone are the models of smart houses in which the works, the wiring, and a central computer were the protagonists, giving way to the construction of smart houses in a simpler, more practical, and cheaper way.

First, it was the Z-Wave or Zigbee protocols that gave way to wireless home automation. Protocols that are still used today due to their high reliability and security, as is the case with the Livolo Zigbee smart switches, which creates a Zigbee network using a central Hub that allows us to manage all the devices without the need to have an Internet connection.

With the expansion of Wi-Fi networks, a lot of gadgets have also appeared that take advantage of the benefits of this network to manage smart devices from our smartphones, and that makes the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) a reality. The Livolo Wifi touch switch allows building DIY home automation projects quickly and flexibly, adapting to the needs of each user and offering a completely intuitive configuration. In addition, it offers excellent wall integration aesthetics.

3 DIY home automation projects available to everyone

Thanks to wireless connectivity and the easy installation of current home automation devices, DIY or “do it yourself” home automation projects are becoming more and more fashionable. Here are five ideas that you can easily carry out.

Smart lighting: save a few euros on the electricity bill

Smart lighting is the new way of managing the lights in a home. Thanks to the installation of smart plugs and switches, we can turn on and off the lights remotely and with a single click. Thanks to their wireless connectivity and the control provided by the associated mobile applications.

Not only that, but we can also program them to turn on or off as we please, as well as regulate their intensity or include them in multiple scenarios that provide great comfort on a day-to-day basis. As if this were not enough, thanks to greater lighting control, you can also save a few euros on your electricity bill.

DIY home security: activate presence simulation

In addition to DIY home automation projects that offer more comfort at home, you can also create a new security system using Livolo smart switches, something like presence simulation. This generates a false presence in our home when we are not there, thus increasing security.

For example, we can turn on and off lights automatically to simulate that someone is home. We can also use presence detectors in front of the door of the house in case someone gets too close. They will think that someone has turned on a light and will doubt whether to enter or not. In short, you can take advantage of smart devices in a way you never thought possible.

All you need is a voice: control your home with your voice

Once we have installed some of the previous DIY home automation projects, integrating them with one of the available intelligent voice assistants is extremely simple. We can connect both the Zigbee light switch and wifi touch switch in just a few seconds to both the Google voice assistant and the Amazon Echo and its popular Alexa assistant. In just a few steps the configuration of both systems will be ready, you have more details here.

This will offer the ability to control all the smart devices in a home just by using your voice. For example, we can say “Hey Google, turn on the living room light at 50%” and it will obey without protest. We can also say “Alexa, run the good night scene”, and then all the actions that we have programmed will be launched.

To make these and other DIY home automation projects a reality, you will need some of the smart components that you will find in the Livolo smart switches product lines, Livolo’s smart home automation ecosystems. Of course, if you are a handyman and you dare to install it yourself in your home, at Livolo we can offer you all the support you need.

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