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7 Examples of Home Automation Installations

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Home automation installations are becoming more accessible, cheaper, and easier to install every day. Gone are the complex wired home automation systems, giving way to wireless systems that are easy to install. Converting any house into a Smart Home without spending too much and with an accessible technical difficulty is a reality, and to prove it to you, we are going to show you 7 examples that are as incredible as they are useful.

1. Turning on/off the light Remotely

A key element of current home automation installations is the ability to control all the lights in a home remotely. By simply installing a touch light switch like the Livolo Radio controlled switches and smart light switches, any light bulb can be controlled remotely, something very useful and convenient, which can even reduce the electricity bill due to better lighting management.
Our mobile is the architect of everything. Livolo provides an app that allows you not only to turn lights on and off but also to regulate their intensity or even program them to come on at a certain time. In addition, lights can be grouped into groups to control more than one at a time and thus create greater comfort. Of course, we can also continue to use the manual switch as we always have.

2. Goodbye to phantom consumption: smart plugs

Another element that you can get more out of are the connective plugs. Current home automation installations must include this type of smart plug in order to have full control of the electrical appliances in a home. Turn off, turn on, program… Everything remotely with a smartphone is the center of operations.
Its installation is practical and simple, you just have to replace the old plug with a smart plug from the Livolo range. Its configuration is also very intuitive, you just have to follow the steps indicated by the application. Their usefulness is maximum, since thanks to them we can even make the dreaded phantom consumption disappear, either through time programming or by completely turning off any connected device manually.

3. Your house is always at the ideal temperature

Other improvements that we can incorporate into home automation installations are smart thermostats. These give us the opportunity to control the temperature of our home to the millimeter. It is an intelligent device that gives us comfort and convenience in our day-to-day life, as well as energy savings.
Not only is it possible to control the temperature, but also on and off as well as other settings. The best thing about smart thermostats is the possibility of programming our heating or air conditioning so that when we get home, we find the perfect temperature. The Livolo smart thermostat gives us the possibility to control the comfort of our home both from the mobile and from a very intuitive touch screen.

5. “Hey Google”, lower the blinds

The arrival of intelligent voice assistants has taken a qualitative leap in home automation installations. Now we can not only manage different aspects of our home from our mobile, but we can also do it simply by using our voice, further increasing comfort and reducing complexity.
Livolo home automation systems are fully compatible with both Alexa, Amazon’s assistant, and Google’s. Its installation allows us, for example, to lower and raise the blinds with just a voice command. The same goes for any other smart element in our home. Maximum comfort assured.

6. +Security: presence simulation

Additionally, current home automation installations allow us to increase the security of our home using presence simulation. Most robberies in the USA occur during the day, just when no one is home, as well as when we go on vacation. Smart homes can fight and prevent robberies by simulating that the house is inhabited.
With just a few settings we can raise and lower blinds or turn on the lights at a certain time to simulate our presence in the home. This is very easy to do through the Livolo home app. Presence simulation has been proven to keep thieves away from homes.

7. Scenes: pure comfort

Combining all the elements of home automation installations to create scenes of use is going a small step further. This will allow us, with just one click, to activate several elements at the same time. The good morning or good night scenes are the most common, but we can create as many as we want using the Livolo home app. Scenes offer us a form of total control over our home.

As you have seen through these 7 examples, home automation installations allow us to increase our well-being at home, as well as be safer and save energy. If you want to build your own Smart Home, don’t hesitate to take a look at

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