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5 interior lighting techniques for your home

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It is a fact that having the perfect light on each occasion is essential to improve our well-being at home. It is also a fact that natural light is the best for living beings, but it is not always possible to have enough light. When this happens, we must use specific artificial light for each situation. In this article, we will explain 5 interior lighting techniques that will increase your well-being and comfort in your home effortlessly.

1. Separate environments with light

It is one of the least popular lighting techniques but nonetheless one of the easiest to apply. Separating environments with light is possible if we know how to play with their intensity or position, and despite the fact that there are no walls in between, we can visually separate our rooms using light.
For example, within the same room, we can play with the lights to separate different areas. An individual armchair next to a table and a focal light pointing from behind can create a reading environment separated from the rest of the room. Or simply, in a kitchen, we can create a space to eat or have a coffee by increasing the light above the table and reducing or even turning off the light in the rest of the kitchen.

2. Avoid leaving the lights on

Presence detectors can help us a lot not only to improve our well-being but also to save us a few dollars on the electricity bill. It is very common to leave the bathroom or hallway light on, even when we leave home we can forget to turn it off, this is bad both for our pocket and for our planet.
This can be solved in a very simple way: by installing a presence detector. In this way, when the light detects that we enter a room, it will turn on automatically, something very comfortable especially if you carry things in your hands. Once we leave the room, the light will turn off automatically after the time we have configured. It is something very useful for passageways, for the entrance of the house, the bathroom, the garage or even the kitchen or some areas of the garden.

3. Change the light level based on the time of day

Sitting in the living room, covering yourself with a blanket, and putting on your favorite movie is a pleasure like few others. However, if the light is not adequate, the feeling is not the same, right? This is very easy to solve today thanks to Zigbee dimmer touch switches and remote dimmer touch switches, which allow us to regulate the amount of light without even moving from the sofa.

From our smartphone or tablet, or even using an intelligent voice assistant, we can, for example, lower the blinds with just one command. We can also reduce the percentage of light to create a more relaxing environment while we are having dinner or watching TV. Playing with the regulation of light, whether artificial or natural, is something that allows you to create moments of greater well-being.

4. Play with the different types of light

General, focal, decorative, direct, indirect lighting… There are many types of light that we can combine to create unique environments that allow us to be comfortable in the different rooms of our home. If we master the different types of interior lighting, we will undoubtedly obtain great benefits.
For example, when we are working, studying, or carrying out a task that requires maximum clarity, it is a very good idea to have a focal light in addition to the general one, since this way we will not have to strain our eyes.

5. Create light scenes

Another lighting technique that we can use to improve our well-being at home is the creation of light control scenes. It is a tool provided by smart switches that have lights that can be controlled and programmed at will using our smartphones.
Creating a scene is as simple as creating a group of actions and activating them all at once in a single touch or on a schedule. For example, the good morning scene on the weekend could combine the progressive rise of the blinds with the dim light of a table lamp. Or what we mentioned before, creating a scene put the room in movie mode just by ordering it from our smart speaker.
Do you want to use these lighting techniques to obtain greater well-being in your home? In Livolo you will find all the elements you need to introduce these and other lighting techniques in your home. Remember that if you need advice or help, you can always contact us at

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